A downloadable game for Windows

A game about a little ninja and her sleepy pistol. 

Originally created for AGBICjam 2018 based on a fictional Famicase design by Kristian Spears:

Bel & Poppy - My Famicase 2018

Run, jump and shoot your way through some tricky levels!
(gamepad highly recommended!)

Bel & Poppy

Use Poppy to activate switches and disable enemies. He's pretty lazy though, so you might have to wake him up first. 

Bel & Poppy

Now, I know what you're thinking: 

"This is just mindless, gratuitous violence. Where's the download button?!" 

It's right down there ↓  but hey there's also a cool story! And two different endings!


  • Created & developed by Ramifactor
  • Famicase design and original concept by Kristian Spears
  • Music:
    • Azureflux - Superbyte
    • Ramifactor - Let's Go Poppy!
    • RoccoW - Bleeps Galore
    • Scott Buckley - Life Is

Finally, a huge thanks to anyone who has provided feedback during development (on itchDiscordTwitter or Mastodon), and an even bigger thanks if you actually take the time to try out the game. Feedback is always appreciated!

ramifactor.itch.io Ramifactor on YouTube @Ramifactor @Ramifactor on Mastodon Ramifactor on IndieDB


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Version 0.9.1 63 days ago

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