DL04 - Loose Ends

Here were are at the closing of #AGBIC. One more quick patch and then off to play and talk about all the other great entries.

I know I said the final Jam Edition was released, but I found that I needed to make some small corrections in the credits, so I couldn't hold that off for a future update. Therefore, this evening we have a bonus update because I'm not going to roll back the upgrades I've already made. 


  • Fixed login button text that was off-center by a couple of pixels.
  • Added a flash to the login button text so that it's not just a static image.
  • Created a better game icon.
  • Made a bunch of corrections to the usernames in the credits for SFX. Mostly these are capitalization corrections, but one person wanted a different name used for attribution, instead of their Freesound username. 
  • Added unofficial gamepad support. It's unofficial because it's not mentioned anywhere in-game, but if you have a gamepad in slot 0 it will work: 
    • D-Pad navigates; B/Y for Button 1 (menu); A/X for Button 2 (action)


  • This was an arduous first effort, and it was a blast. I'm working my way through as many of the games as I can. Very impressed so far.
  • I highly recommend checking out Rising Phoenix Games' version of Rusty Blade. It's a very different take but in some ways it touches on similar themes. It was great to see these games develop and share their ideas in parallel, and the mutual inspiration made both games turn out better in the end.
  • A previous DevLog post talked about the glitch lyfe diversifier. As of now, the Fuck This Jam diversifier has also been satisfied. Rusty Blade takes place inside a fictional, grindy MMORPG... I hate grindy MMORPGs! Also, as per the requirements, Rami Ismail was bugged on Twitter to bring @FuckThisJam back to itch.io some day. He liked the tweet, which means it's safe to assume this is 100% confirmed.

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