DL09 - Patch Notes (v1.4)

Rusty Blade Version 1.4 has been released. Aside from some minor fixes and optimizations, one significant change was made to greatly improve game performance on certain systems.


  • Adjusted Sleep Margin from 1 to 10. This will correct framerate / lagging issues experienced on some systems, and will result in much more consistent performance across different Windows machines. The downside is a slight increase in CPU usage.
  • Cleaned up redundant code in the timelines that sync the player's footstep audio. Migrated to just two scripts instead of over a dozen code blocks.
  • Adjusted floor material collision object to correct some missed collisions which would result in playing the wrong footstep sound effect.
  • Moved some audio code from the sword object to their own action scripts to prevent occasional unintended triggering of sound effects.
  • UPDATE 1.4.1 (2017-11-14): Fixed a bug where the dog could not pick up the bone if it landed too close to the house.

The biggest change in this update is unquestionably the sleep margin adjustment. It seems to be a consensus that a 10-15ms sleep margin is recommended for Windows targets to avoid poor performance on laptops and PCs that are heavier on power-saving.

If you would like to know more about Windows sleep margin as it applies to GameMaker, this thread is a good starting point: Sleep Margin Explained

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