DL07 - Patch Notes (v1.3)

After hundreds of downloads and a ton of awesome feedback, Rusty Blade version 1.3 is now out.  Big thanks to anyone who has tried out the game so far, and an even bigger thanks if you have taken the time to make a video of your experience or share your thoughts on the game page or the jam submission page. These improvements would not happen if it wasn't for all the great feedback.


  • Garth can no longer ghost through doors. They will now open for him when he passes through.
  • Fixed a bug where the bone could be thrown into the house if the player timed it correctly.
  • Added a button prompt when the player first enters the game to indicate that [B1] opens the menu.
  • Added a button prompt when the player first picks up the bone to indicate that [B2] throws it.
  • Fixed a bug where the initial login screen background appears as tiled on some displays.
  • Added a landing sound effect when the player jumps upstairs.
  • Remapped menu open/close control to trigger on key release instead of key press to avoid unintentional double-taps.
  • Cleaned up some unused code and variable declarations hiding in a few objects.

So, with version 1.3 we officially say goodbye to a long-standing bug that was originally left in the game deliberately for the glitch lyfe jam diversifier. The updated version is still silly (dogs can't open doors) but seems to be less immersion breaking. 

As a final note, it's possible that an HTML5 version of the game is on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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