DL06 - Patch Notes (v1.2)

Rusty Blade Version 1.2 is here, and with it a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Fixed a bug where the player could interact with some objects while the menu is open.
  • Removed interaction arrow from the dog bone when it is no longer interactable.
  • Added instance_exists() checks to two game objects to correct a bug that could cause the game to crash.
  • Greatly improved parallax scrolling:
    • Sky layer tracks properly and no longer appears too close.
    • Moon layer tracks better and moves more smoothly.
    • Tree layer no longer pops out of the ground when walking upstairs.
  • Added an impact sound effect when throwing the bone against the side of the house.
  • Fixed a bug where the bone could be dropped at the edge of the porch and get stuck.
  • Tweaked the dog AI / fetch interactions for better responsiveness and to eliminate some bugs.
  • Added some logic to prevent multiple simultaneous player actions from occasionally triggering on the same key press (e.g. throwing the bone and sipping coffee).
  • Corrected a text alignment issue in the SFX credits screen


  • Disabled redrawing the application surface when increasing / decreasing the game window size.
    • The application surface is now fixed at native 480 x 270. Increasing / decreasing screen size with Numpad +/- scales the view 1-4x but does not redraw the application surface.
    • Since the game does not zoom dynamically and each zoom level is a fixed multiple of the native resolution, redrawing the application surface is not necessary. Disabling this gives a performance improvement with no impact on visuals.
  • Removed the debug object from the main game room (not used in the released game) for a minor performance upgrade.
  • The game is now natively compiled for Windows using the YoYo Compiler, resulting in a significant performance boost (+200-400 fps).

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