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Rusty Blade

An unlikely friendship, 30 years in the making - AGBIC 2017 · By Ramifactor


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DL09 - Patch Notes (v1.4)
Rusty Blade Version 1.4 has been released. Aside from some minor fixes and optimizations, one significant change was made to greatly improve game performance on...
DL08 - HTML5 Version!
Porting Rusty Blade over to HTML5 has turned out to be an adventure. Several improvements had to be made to the code in order to get the game to work properly...
DL07 - Patch Notes (v1.3)
After hundreds of downloads and a ton of awesome feedback, Rusty Blade version 1.3 is now out. Big thanks to anyone who has tried out the game so far, and an e...
DL06 - Patch Notes (v1.2)
Rusty Blade Version 1.2 is here, and with it a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. :: PATCH NOTES :: Fixed a bug where the player could interact w...
DL05 - Source Code!
Happy to announce that Rusty Blade's source code is now available under a free license, so everybody can see how terrible my coding skills are! This is to satis...
DL04 - Loose Ends
Here were are at the closing of #AGBIC. One more quick patch and then off to play and talk about all the other great entries. I know I said the final Jam Editio...
DL03 - glitch lyfe
One of the diversifiers for AGBIC 2017 is: glitch lyfe - If you encounter a bug that is silly but not game breaking, don't fix it. There are 2 bugs that were p...
DL02 - Patch Notes (v1.1)
With 1 day left, barring any major discoveries, this will probably be the final "Jam Edition" version. Looking forward to checking out the other submissions to...
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I enjoyed this short but thought provoking game. Would of liked to have had some additional choices along the ride but I...
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what i liked about this one: + the sounds + you can pet your dog <3 + you can kill your dog, because it tells a story ab...
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Congratulations on an awesome job :)! First game I wvccas genuinely impressed by. (Dev note: Video contains spoi...
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